New Students

In addition to the above forms, please also bring or email the following documents as  well:
  • Proof of residence (current rental agreement, utility bill, etc.)
  • A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Court/Custody documentation (as needed)

Kindergarten Students

If you have a kindergarten student, please complete all of the forms on the left. Bring the forms and documents to the office during office hours or email the completed forms and copies of the documents to Denise McArthur at [email protected]

In addition, let us know if your child will walk, carpool, or ride the bus. Please go to this website.

Current Students

At the beginning of each school year make sure to log into Skyward and go through the information update section for each of your students.  Please pay particular attention to the computer use agreement, media release, and directory release information.

Skyward Login

Out of Area Students

If your child lives outside of Foothill Elementary boundaries, please complete an “out of area request” form through Alpine District  Student Services.

Student Services