Welcome Coders!

Click here for a copy of the instructional flier and sign-off form.

These videos will be the most helpful if you can watch them on a different screen than where you are doing your coding. Please pause and rewind them if they go too fast. Also, full screen works best.

Click this link to go to the Scratch programming website: http://scratch.mit.edu/

Instructional Videos:


  • Every student who successfully submits one task will get a t-shirt.
  • Every student who successfully submits all 8 tasks earns a a prize kit and a trip to the Chatbooks offices in the Riverwoods for a tour, lunch, and a Q&A visit with leaders from local tech companies.


  • Adults may give suggestions, but students create the code
  • Students may work by themselves or in teams of no more than 2 (Each member of the team must submit his or her own sign-off sheet)
  • This contest is designed with the Scratch coding language in mind. Students may use any programming language they want, but please refer to the example videos to see what the programs are expected to do.
  • A parent or teacher must sign off that each program is completed.


**Advanced lower grade coders may complete the upper grade challenges instead of these ones. Stop by the office to get a copy of the upper grade form.

Contest of Champions:

  • More information about the Contest of Champions will be sent home after this contest ends. Please note that to compete in the Contest of Champions a student must have completed the 10 upper grade coding projects by Friday, November 15th.